Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bridge Academy research visit - Friday July 12th, 2013

Thanks to the Bridge Academy  A2 Art class for coming to do their research with us at the Stuart Hall Library last Friday. We hope you were able to find material that is relevant to the themes that interest you. If you look in the right hand menu of the blog, you'll find a link to your reading lists, referencing sheet and the powerpoint presentations we used. Please make use of them, but remember that the reading lists are not full bibliographic references; you'll have to write those out yourselves!

Iceberg image, copyright La Sirena Grill, 2013.
Keep this Research Iceberg in mind - for a pristine, well researched and referenced essay, you'll need to read lots of material  that will help form ideas and theories that contribute to your work.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Copyright and Referencing

Looking for copyright and referencing guides for your essays and diaries? Go to the Iniva Research Lab website: www.iniva.org/

Stuart Hall Library, Iniva.

Welcome to Iniva Research Lab

We hope you enjoyed you visit to Iniva this Friday. The Iniva Research Lab will serve a a centralised site for you to visit, comment on, and contribute to. Attach your project blog to ours by sending your name and URL to Julia and Teresa at inivaresearchlab@gmail.com. We will then add you to our blog roll and you can share your diary and art work with our whole group!